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I never write About Pages. I was encouraged by “Not Just a Knit Wit!” She is my 1st follower, today is 5January2014,and I haven’t even did my blog post to Ravelry or transfer my blogspot comepletly over yet.

I thought “No one was going to look at this stupid blog.” My 1st blog started on Blogspot. Well the 1st post was on Ravelry and I could not believe it in one day it was 120 most lovely people read my post. I left my blog alone for 8 month’s I went back to college for another degree in entirely different field. 8 Months I left my blog alone, when I checked on my blog right after Falls Finals, just to do a blog for stocking stuffers, to my surprise how many lovely people look at one post 664. “How To Make A Stitch Marker.” I know to some it’s not a big deal, to me it is. It is so amazing, that anyone would take the time to want to hear my voice.

I started a blog 17January 2013, It is a wonderful place to start. I finally had enough nerves to get up the courage to start a blog, during that time. 18Decemeber2012, my BabyGirl(Cat)pass away, she had a tumor that is rare in cat’s but known in dogs, I took her into surgery to remove it. Her little body wasn’t strong enough, to survie, we brought her home, and she passed away at 11pm. I don’t care for the Holidays anymore. My oldest Pickle passed away 10June2009. BabyGirl was his wife.

25December2013. I decided give myself a present, and purchase a domain name, I have hosting already, I have a website, (I’m a photographer by degree) All I wanted was .info. That’s all this blog is about sharing information, and the things, that I have gone through when I 1st started knitting seriously 2002, 12 years ago. Ravelry didn’t existed, and I learn how to knit from YouTube. I’m my discoveries and my huge mistakes. The mistakes are from buying yarn, don’t ever trust eBay for you yarn purchasing, not unless it’s a well known brand company. I discovered Knit Picks, by Googling, and I found this all male knitting website forum. This is before Ravelry had exist, and Jimmy Bean Wools. I did not care at all for any of my Local Yarn Shops, over priced, too cramp, small. One local yarn shop, all this woman carry is light colors. eBay, I will say not unless you are getting a name brand yarn, do not buy the yarn. It’s hard and rough. Good for carpets. 

I am going to stop myself from being so long winded. Hopefully this site, will show you from my mistake, and you will learn how to have fun, learning how to knit, read a chart, try new things, even learn how to spend.

If it’s anything Doctor Who, and TorchWood related.

Do I knit in the Nude?