Annis Shawl by Susanna IC: Shawl #3

Annis Shawl

by Susanna IC


 I saw this shawl, when it first came out in 2010, at that time I did not know how to knit shawls, only socks, hats, not lacey things.   Now I actually do enjoy knitting lace, it may look like crap , and small, just water, wool soak, and blocking is a whole other world.  I wash my super wash project on delicate and wool lite to rinse out the die residue.   Putting it on delicate makes it damp enough to block, however I did use a water spray bottle to re-dampen.   Blocking is will be your best friend in making lace shawls. I had made so many attempts to make this mini shawl. I do not like chang on such a huge amount of stitches. I finally decided after the 2 shawls I made in 6 days, to cast on for this shawl. No trick, I squared root 363 stitches, it is not a perfect square, it gave the answer that I needed, 19 stitches in each section and 2 of the sections need 20 stitches to make the count come out right. 19 stitches in 19 section add on 2 extra stitches and that will give you 363 stitches.




In this project:    Shawl #3 in  Spring Break Semester (Easter Break 2015)

1) Stitch markers will be your best friend. I section each lace chart, which made the this pattern so less complicated to me, without the stitch markers I would have been confused. I like to add bling/fun when I am knitting, so that why I make stitch markers, no when I learn to make a Tardis (Blue Police Box) out of polymer clay, then I will definitely have tutorial on how to make the Tardis. So do what you must to make your own stitch markers. I have even purchased polymer clay from Wal-Mart and make stitch markers with polymer clay.(.89cents).  Those who are expert in the polymer clay area, by time my stitch markers decide to crack, I’ve already miss placed it somewhere in the house long before that crack will happen.

2) Simple Math, (dividing things up and keeping count of your stitches). When you 1st start you should have 19 Sections, each section should have 19 stitch, add 1 the very begining of the left, place a stitch marker and 1 to the right, place stitch marker before the end. This will give you a total of 363.

Math:  my method for starting with so many stitches.  If you ever want to find out how many stitches to a section to any large number in order to mark it off by using stitch markers to section off. Use an on line calculator, and google square root, I put in the number large number.  It will not come out the exact # you may have to add in your stitches for each section, it sure does take out the guessing.)  This was my way of making sense of starting out with such a huge number. I’m okay with starting out with even 20, after 20 with a chart, all beats are off.

3) Blocking, you can not skip on the blocking with this project, I used weed wacker wire, 100 ft from Wal-mart, Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, 200ft for $10. vs. blocking wire. (a) Blocking foam. You can go to either WalMart, or Harbor Freights, Amazon. I can’t do the bed/floor, I have babies (kitties), block project will be there sleeping spot.

4)  The pattern was clear and understandable.


Lace:  Is like magic, it looks like a hot mess before it’s blocked, and when you block it, and leave alone over night, and come back to it, I know for me, I say “Did I do that.” If I don’t like it I can unpin it and soak it again, and repin it to the shape I want.  I know I read it from some wonderful person blog when I 1st started knitting lager things like wraps/shawls.

Yarn:  Blue Moon Fiber Art: It is a beautiful color. I was always scared to use the yarn, thinking I would make a mess. I had just 1/2 ounces left, about 37 yards, I am just doing calculations, I did not out right measure the yarn by hand.

Cast on and Cast Off I-cord
I cast on using the I-cord cast on. I cord bind off for the neckline, so it will be sturdy, and the neckline will not row.

I would like to knit more shawls.  I’ll  knit this shawl later on so I can add my beads I purchased years ago, do my yarn the color I would like to have.  I wear it with a pair of jeans, a jacket to class, before it get to hot/or class ends.

Only modification I have made was the cast/cast off I-Cord using a size US 11 knitting needle for cast on and cast off. I added no nudds or beads, on account I could not find the beads I purchased from Fire Mountain Gems for this shawl.

The pattern was a great knit for a 1st timer doing a bottom up crescent shape shawl with so many stitches.  As long as you divide the stitches into the correction section for each peek it will make the knitting go much quicke.

I have never knit this many shawl in less then 14 days.  Especially this many shawl in one year.




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