2015 The Year That We Have….

The Year That Is… 2015


Every year should be treated the year that is. Live your life, no one will do it for you, and do not live your life in ways that others want you to live it. We all do it, we live our life as what people have told us we are. I was marked as being stupid in learning as a child in all the lower levels in my class grades. I kept that title all my life thinking I was not smart as others, until I joined the US Navy, and during the 80’s you had to have a score of an 80 as a female to be on active duty.  I had to finish my fall/spring classes to finish my Photography degree, I had knew I wanted to join the US Arm Forces, and my 1st cousin on my father side of the family and advised me to get a book for the ASVAB military test, and study it. He told me about the field that I can not mention everyone knows about, I wanted to do that job. I got the ASVAB book from Bonds and Noble downtown in New York City, I  study the book over the summer, especially during my lunch break, when I worked as a temp. I even took an intermediate algebra class in order to get a higher score, and I passed the ASVAB test with an 80 to go active duty. What I am saying that was a time I had stop letting my test scores and people telling me I was not smart enough to achieve what I wanted in life.

I had decided in 2008 that I really wanted to be in the computer field, and I purchased, Comptia Network + books through Amazon, at that time I was a flight attendant for one of the puddle jumpers, and every chance I had I would get on YouTube, along side with my book, an those who put out the information about passing the Network + test, I read and study.   Fall 2013, I made the move to say enough is enough and went back to college for my 2nd degree, in a whole other field, Computer Science. I have heard horror stories how hard the classes was, and it was a lot of math. Well I said, look if it was easy everyone would have this job, and that would not be an income to make.  So I had to start from the intermediate algebra math classes (3) including taken a summer class 2014 had tw0 hand surgery during the summer class, and walked away with a B.  I was on the Deans List 2 times for Fall 2013, and Spring 2014. Fall 2014 semester I had 4 classes, A’s, B’s in my major and I failed, college Algebra a credited class.  It was nightmare to me too fail, I failed at a 56%. I did all my home works projects, prep work, however I failed ever single test including the final. I was heart broken, cried for days, weeks, Prof. I had is the same Professor I have now, let me know she was teaching the 2015 Spring class. When the Professor submitted the final grades, she sent me a lovely message, and said “This Christmas break don’t study, enjoy the break, and come back fresh for my Spring Class, I know you have just 4 classes to graduate, you have to get a “C” in this class to go toward your computer science field. You might need to just take my class only.  Happy Holidays”  Prof A.  When I came back for Math Prof. class, I went to her 1st tutoring, and she told me, “Computers to you is like Math to me.  She even explain how she had to really study hard when she was in computer science major, math was a breeze. I had to do exactly that was to study harder for math.”  He secret was “When you see the problem you know it, and you know how to do it. So go on YouTube, and go through everything I taught that day, and someone will have up the same section, and make sure you write it out, (colorfully) and look at it as many times, until you understand it, if that person doesn’t make since go to the next person.”

You want to know what happen as of today since 2Feb2015. I am maintaining a 80% number 7 in the class.  It has help taken just one class.  I know 4 classes before I graduate for my Associates. However I will transfer, and work on my Associate, and B.S at the same time. What ever I take at the University, I can transfer back to the Community College in to get my Associates.  I am also going to work toward my Masters as well.

When I first Started my blog knitting site 3 years ago (might be longer) on blogspot. I thought no one would ever read it.  My tutorials was nothing, I could do nothing to give back to anyone.  To my amazement in less then 2 hrs, over 100 people have stop by to look, and just say hello lady you might have something I might need.  My highest rating is still How to make Stitch markers.  When I started back to college, I let this blog go for a while, due to studying.   Winter break 2015 I took a break, I had started not knitting but making my own wigs. Yes I do wear wigs, I love all the styles and colors. My real hairs is pass my shoulders. I only let my hair out during warm, and hot seasons, and the winter seasons I give my hair a rest.

I am telling you this, what ever you want, it is not beyond your reach. Educationally speaking.  Relationships that’s a another website all together, and I am not about to get into relationships, way to complicated.  That a science and Ph.D in itself.


Update: 10/23/15  I passed the algebra class with a C.  I know one guy who was in my class last year, when we failed Prof. A college algebra class. I ran into him. I was telling him my method and how I passed Prof A. class.  I took the class alone by itself.  Yes I paid out-of-pocket. The school offers a type of loan and you pay it back. Now some of you are saying I can’t afford it. Can you afford to keep failing, and then you eventually will be paying out-of-pocket finical aid know you are a risk.   What ever you spend on, that you call your bad habit, your luxury, the you can not live without, take that money, and save it up and use it to invest into your education and yourself.  My luxury is getting my entire face threaded every 2 weeks, and order lace front wigs, 1x a month during the cold seasons, getting my nails and toes done 1x a month.    Had to reuse eyelashes, had to wear glass (ran out of contacts) people knew my natural eye color.  (So yes I stopped doing it, and paid the loan in 3 months.)   Yes me taken that 1 class threw me back 1 semester. I would have had all my credits 3 semesters done. Yes I would have graduated early. “I’m Not A Genius“.  Instead of taking the normal 12 credits, I was taking max 18, and took 3 classes summer of 2013, and I had 2 hand surgeries and going to school.   I just study and work very hard at what I do, and give it my 90 trillion percent to what I am accomplishing.  This is my last semester, December 2015. I did this in exactly 2 years from the start date till now.  This time when I go to the 4 year. I will do all my classes in tri-semester, on-line, and take the math classes by itself. This way I can get of school, before I’m too old and I can’t get hired.

My point is this!!!  I be damn I seat there for 5 years, and say I still have not completed my associates degree as a computer engineer, carry around 90 credits, just because I did not want to invest into myself.

Never let anyone tell you can’t.  When you are studying for your mid-term, and finals, and that person tell you co-habiting  with tells your. “I’m tired of cooking and cleaning all the time.”  You say “Ooo when is the maid coming so I make sure you leave the money so I can pay them.”