DIY: How To Make A Cable Knitting Needle

How to Make a Cable Knitting Needle


Knitting Cable Needle

Knitting with Cable Needle



There are so many different cable Needles:

  • Brand
  • Make
  • Size
  • Models
  • Shapes

Materials can range from:

      • Plastic
      • Wool
      • Metal
      • Bamboo
      • Hard Rubber

I had decided one day to make my a cable knitting needle.  I tried ordering the beautiful wooden cable needles, they were out of stock, and I felt that the metal cable knitting needle were either, clumsy, heavy, or slip out from the stitches. I was using a double-pointed bamboo knitting needle, it work for a while, on shorter cable stitches it was too long.  I even tried the no cable needle, that is one talent that I have not acquired.  My cable needle is not fancy, it serves it’s purpose.  I thought about the sterling silver cable needle that I could make myself, and then I thought, it’ll never leave home, I would never use it and if I ever lost it…

Hand-made cable knitting needle

cable needle

It is made of hard wood: Package of Dowel Rods 12 in a pack of assorted sizes.


1 Variety package of dowel rods:  This will give you a variety of sizes to choose from. You would need a knitting need gauge if you would like to know the size you are making.

Dowel Rods

Needle Guage:  Will measure the diameter of the dowel rod, so you will know the size of the dowel rod.

knitting needle guage

Foam Sponage:  This will help put 0on the Polyacrylic on your new cable knitting needle.


Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener:  This type of sharpener always make a clean sharp point, which does not shred your wood.  That includes the less inexpensive lip, and eye liner sharpeners from the Dollar Tree, or the hair shops.

Cosmetic Pencil Sharperners

Utility Knife:  After you please close, the blades are extremely sharp.  The utility knife is another option that can be used instead of the cosmetic pencil sharpener.

Utility Knife

Rubber BandsYou would need to use 2 or 3 rubber bands to wrap around your dowel rod, this will serve as a cushion.  This will help prevent you new cable needle for not getting dented from the Drill Chuck when you tighten the rod as if it was drill bit. Dollar Tree sales them, and you mail man will give them to you if you ask nicely.

Rubber Bands

Left over Styrofoam:  Save a little Styrofoam from you packages.  You would insert the needle(s) to let it dry.


Dust Mask:  This is to prevent fine wood dust particle for getting up your nose.  You do not want that, you will be coughing through the night.

dust face mask

Rubber Gloves:  You will need to wear these, you will be holding the 600 grit sand paper in your hand.

Ruber Gloves Instullation

Safety Glasses:  Always wear you safety glasses. No matter how small the job is wear your safety glasses.

Eye Protection2

Painters Tape/Masking Tape:  Low adhesive that will not leave a sticky residue.  This is to wrap around your dowel rod with the rubber bands around it.

Blue Painters Tape

Measuring Tape or Ruler:  You would need this to measure the length that you would like your knitting cable needle. Not real important.

Measure Tape

Cutting Devices:  There are several ways to cut the dowel rods. I prefer the Rotory tool quick and easy, it dose not split the dowel rod wood. If you have a swing saw or miter saw, that equipment is to large, and will not give a clean cut without using a 2×4 underneath (I have tried it).

Cutting Tools

Rotary Tool:  Another form of way of cutting the dowel rod.  This will not split the ends, and give a clean cut. The grip device, it so hold the rod safely so it will not slip.

Rotary Tools

Drill:  This will speed up the sanding process of the dowel rod.

New Drill BD




Step 1: In this step you would need the following:


Eye Protection2




      • Safety Glasses
      • Cutting Devices (of your choice)
      • Rubber Gloves (better grip)
      • Masking Tape/Painters Tape
      • 1 – Dowel Rod
      • Measuring Tape/Ruler

Dowel Rods

      1. Cut:  1 dowel rod 5 inches =12.7cm
      2. Use the pencil sharpener to make the tip/You can use the utility knife
      3. Do this on both ends


Rod other end

      1. Wrap 2-3 rubber bands on 1 side of the dowel rod.
      2. Make sure the rubber bands are going straight up, as shown in the image above.


Tape the bottom

      1. Wrap the painters tape/masking tape around the rubber bands, and a little pass the rubber bands on the top
      2. This will serve as your cushion, when you place this in the drill. Do not be stingy on the tape.

That’s like taking your vehicle to the garage for a tune up, you pay good money, your vehicle will not start up in the parking lot after work a month later after the tone-up, and when you take it to the 2nd garage to fix it, come to find out the 1st garage has put used parts in your vehicle.


The Drill: No loose clothing, or anything loose around your neck. Long hair pin it up/pull it back.

      1. Place the dowel rod with the tape side into the chuck, as shown in the image below.
      2. Tighten the chuck as normally you would when putting in a drill bit, using the chuck key tighten till it locks”
      3. Turn the speed down on the drill. This drill is 15 years old and it has an adjustment, I also you use a power pedal and clamp my drill between the clamping device(blue), that is above with the cutting tools. This frees up my hands, (I still wear my gloves) and I have the drill in the opposite direction away from me.

New Drill BD

Let’s Begin:
In this step you would need to wear:

      1. Gloves: Protect your hands
        Ruber Gloves Instullation

Safety Glasses: Please protect your eyes. I wear my glasses and my safety glasses over my glasses. Safety glasses are way too cheap to not have a pair. 



  1. dust face mask

Dust face Mask
I enjoy making jewelry, and when I say making jewelry I mean soldering sterling silver, I also enjoy making furniture, it’s a hobby that I have learned from Ana-White website. The things I wanted that I could not afford. This type of face mask cuts out the dust and smoke that will get in your lungs, that can cause upper respiratory problems. Knock on wood it has been 5 years I have not had bronchitis. I do have sinus infections problems. So that is why I am stressing to invest if you enjoy your hobby that can cause problems with your health.
cable needle

Let’s Begin:

      1. Start out with 600 grit sand paper, fold in half.(I used this the rod was already smooth out the package.)
      2. Turn on the drill, being careful not to have anything dangling, loose clothes, long hair pull back.
      3. Start the drill slowly and hold the sand paper against the rod. Moving the sand paper back and forth, from tip to down to the tape.
      4. Periodically stop and look at your tip, and feel how smooth the cable knitting needle its, it is not what you want, continue.
      5. Change to an 800 grit, this will smooth the knitting needle out. Do the same as you did for the 600 grit sand paper.
      6. Periodically feel your newly made cable knitting needle.
      7. Repeat for the other side. Follow the instructions for Securing the ends as you have done for the 1st side.



      1. Wipe off the saw dust with a wet clothes. I have rinse it, and rub it between my palm with dish washing liquid, laid it on a lint free towel. Let dry for 48 hours. My reason, the 1st time I did this, I could see the saw dust after it dry with the stain/clear gloss coat, it took for ever to dry, it still feels sticky after 1 year.
      2. From here, you can get 1200 grit sand paper, and buff your new knitting cable needle.
      3. Or you can Skip the above step using the 1200 grit sand paper to buff, and Use MinWax polycrylic gloss coat. Paint this on with the foam brush, and let dry 24hrs. If you are doing a 2nd coat, let this for at least 48 hours before you use your hand-made new knitting needle cable.

      cable needle


      Knitting Cable Needle

      Cable Needle


      Stores that You can find the Items that I have listed:

      1. Walmart
      2. Home Depot
      3. Lowes
      4. Hobby Lobby
      5. Harbor Freights
      6. eBay
      7. Amazon


      We Are All Different People (11th Doctor Farewell)

      We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives.

      That’s OK, that’s good, as long as you keep moving, as long as you remember all the people that you use to be. I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me.


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