How To Make A Stitch Marker

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This is a quick and easy, quick, and inexpensive project. It will be a great gift for any knitter.

Polymer Clay Stitch Marker


You can also download this in PDF: Stitch Marker Instructions if you would like to save it for later.



Stitch markers are very valuable tool in knitting, especially when you trying to keep track of knitting in rows, rounds, a location of a repeating pattern design with in a project.

There are stitch markers that look like little plastic safety pins.  You can also use blunt safety pine with no twist ends. These safety pin type of stitch markers are great for row counts.

Once you learn how to make a stitch marker, you can use anything as a stitch marker. If you were like the rest of us when beading was popular, you have plenty of beads that are in your beading stash.

This is just a quick instruction step by step how to make your own stitch markers. Sorry, these stitch markers are not for the faint at heart. They are not remotely pretty.In this “How To.” I used flat beads, to show you, you do not need to have a jump ring, you can incorporate the wire as a jump ring.

How To Make A Stitch Marker


Eye Protection:


Make sure you use eye protection when operating any type of tools:


Tools: You don’t necessarily need them, makes life easier.


Measuring Tape


Rotary Tool:  Used with a sanding disc to smooth sharp edges on the wire. Not necessary, it does make the job go quicker, and it’s fun.


Wire Cutters It will cut 20g wire. You can purchase at WalMart


Round/Half Round Nose Pilers: Will make the wire round if you don’t have it. Use a pencil works just as well. Purchase Jewelry Suppliers.


Flat Nose Pliers: This has no teeth. If you have regular needle nose pliers tape the teeth. This is so it will not make teeth mark on your wire which will make it rough.  And catch on your knitting.

Jewelry Suppliers:
ebay or amazon.Or you can just tape the teeth of a needle nose pliers. This will help from make dents in the wire so it will not snag the yarn.



20G Craft wire: This use to be sold at Wal-Marts I’m sure you can purchase this at any craft store including Hobby Lobby. What ever wire you have that fits through you bead hole. Usually the bead hole is between 16-22g wire. If the bead hole is smaller then that 22g wire, now we are looking into seed beads, and fresh water pearls.

Plastic Rings: Sold in Super WalMart Fabric Section.

Flat Beads: Put a little Bling in my knitting.


Eye Protection
As always make sure you use eye protection when operating any type of tools or equipment


The Making of The Stitch Marker:


There are so many ways to make stitch markers, this is just my way. I do not make them this way all the time.


Cut 1 – 5 inch=12.7 cm


Step 2:


  • Measure ½ inch from the end of the wire.




  • Use pencil, from ½ inch from line and make a “U” shape.




  • At the U shape near the penchil make square bend on both sides so the will met.



This is the shape you are trying to achieve.



Step 3:  Slip the bead on.

Close up – what the wire and bead should look like.



Step 4:



    •  Bend wire half way down.


    •  You might have to cut a little off the top. You see the end of the wire that sticking out pass the bend.


    • Slip the white ring.


Step 5:


    • Wrap wire around the wire.


    • Use the flat/tape needle nose pliers to help wrap around the wire.


Wear gloves when wrapping the wire. Don’t want to stick your fingers.


Finally Done:

Just 3 things:

1.  Plastic Rings: get a variety pack. (to protect your metal knitting needles.)


2.  Wire.


3.  Bead


My way of making the stitch marker, is not set in stone. Tweak this any way that this will suit you!



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