How To Block Your Completed Project

Blocking, so under rated: 
YouTube video is included below.

When I block my 1st shawl project.

1st shawl project.
Maluka. It is a chart pattern


There was not that much information, only what was on Ravelry and then that was not in great detail. I was actually terrified of blocking, fear of making a huge mistake with wet yarn fabric I had just made. I eventually figured it out.

Blocking no longer became terrifying. I had started knitting samples of the pattern that I wanted to knit, and I started blocking the samples of the pattern to see what they look like block. I thought Wow! Beautiful.
Frozen Leaves

This is my favorite winter shawlette, pattern by Stephen West. Groove. Get so many complements. Love the pattern, easy to understand. 

This was ok to block. I had to use a c-thru quilting 24 inch ruler, I had try and get the cables line up.

The blocking had nothing do with pattern, it was just me trying to figure out how to block this shawlette. I just could not keep the round shape. So I had do like so many on Ravelry and became creative. 

Blocking does wonders to a hand made garment.


Here is a YouTube video to show you how to Block.
Knitting and Crochet Blocking 101:


Hope this will help you understand how to block.
As Always:
“You’re to Beautiful to let anyone stress you out.”
That raises your pressure, make you look old, and make you feel miserable. Misery loves company.



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