Another Yarn Stash Buster

Stash Yarn Busting:                              

Here is another great idea to go stash yarn busting into your acrylics. I am trying to still bust my yarn stash, and I still have yet to see a dent.

Stash Yarn Buster crochet style. Crochet always use more yarn then knitting.  These slippers.

Hexagon Boot Slippers

These are nice and warm.

In the instructions that are provided. I have included some YouTube video’s. 

1. The sole:  This is my favorite way how to make the sole of the slippers. The soles are 3-4 strands of worsted weight yarn held together. Hook L or N.

2.  I have included the video for loop flower, and how to make a slip stitch circle.

3. The hexagon squares, I hold 2 strands of yarn together.

At the very bottom of the page, there is a red button  to the link, to down load the slipper pattern.


How to make the Sole:

Part 1: Making of the Sole

Part 2 The making of the Sole
Part 3:  The making of the Sole

Part 4: The making of the Sole


Crochet Motif follow the instructions that I have here. I have include a YouTube video if you do not know how to make a crochet circle.

With Main Color (mc), chain 5. Join with a slip stitch to form a ring.

1st Round: Chain 3 (count as a double crochet) Work 17 double crochet in to ring. After you have completed the ring, join with a slip stitch on to of chain 3. You will have 18 double chain.
How to make a crochet circle:

After the above, you will be making the pull up loop.  There is a video below that will show you how to do the pull up loop.
This is the pattern 2nd round of the flower motif

Yoh: Yarn over hook

sc2tog: single crochet two togethere decrease (sc2tog) is a basic decrease stitch.

Crochet Loop Flower:

Follow the rest of the pattern, for adult size slippers.

Hopefully this has help you.

As always be good to yourself.

Here is a link to the slippers:

2nd Pair Winter Slippers


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