Going Red for Women

February:  Go Red for Women
(To find more information click on the above or the dress.)

Go Red for Women:
As women we always taking care of everyone but ourselves. We’re the mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, big mama, grandmama Etc. We’re someone mother in someone lives, whether we have kids, or if we don’t have kids, someone will make us there mother. We are women, we are the strong one’s.  

I have two of my favorite aunt’s (father two youngest sisters) that are not here to tell their story. 

Be here like my next door neighbor who has a story to tell about how she survived a stroke, 3 years ago, and she is still recovering.

Call you physician, and make an appointment today to get your numbers check.   If you don’t have health insurance call the  Heart Association in your local area, they will give you a location to get check for free.


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