Yarn Stash Buster

Hello! How are you.

I would like to thank you for coming by. I really do appreciate it, you can not imagine how much.  Believe me I am surprised and shocked, that so many lovely people have stop by. 

Thank you

Yarn Stash Busting:

My Definition of my yarn stash:

I made this 5 1/2 hour throw.
(click the 5 1/2 hour for the pattern in PDF)
I have still have not seen the dent yet in my man made fibers. I have held the yarn with 4 strands held together. Including the 1 pound Caron yarn, that has been (finally) completely used in that throw. I had to add some more cream color yearn to finish off this project. Crocheting use up more yarn then knitting. That is the reason I made this 5 1/2 hour throw.

The throw is 65 1/2 inches, made up of crochet V-Stitches.
I did not know how to make the V-Stitch, I went to  YouTube to found this video.

That is how I made the  5 1/2 hour throw. Once you get going, with 4 strands held together, and a size S hook (big ass hook).

This is the throw that I have made:

I did not want to use yarn to make the fringes. I made  pretty little flowers to replace the fringe. When you laundry this throw, you would not have to worry about your fringes tangling into a mess.

Below are the flowers. I have also attach a YouTube video, to show how to make the flowers.  

Total number of flowers for my Afghan: 48 
24 on each side. (must have been feeling really good that day.)

To attach the flower, I chain 10 stitch, attach the flower in the middle of the flower, you see the center hole. I chain 2 stitches, attach the other side of the circle, then I chain 10 stitch attach it to the top of the      afghan. This will give you a shape of a V with the flower at the bottom. 

Continue from there, attaching the flowers. This is my way I have attach the flowers. There is no right or wrong way. 

Here is a video for the above flowers:

Yarn Stash Busting:
This will be a never ending project. 
Take care of yourself.
Till next time



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