Lazy Kate

Hello! How are you? 

Lazy Kate. I do not know what Kate did to this person, to be called lazy. 

What a useful item I thought I would ever need. I was doing a project, that required the fleece to be clean, prepped and then turned into yarn. So I bust out the stash roving and made this into yarn.  

1st Alpaca yarn: 

roving,alpaca, fleece, lazy kate, lazy, kate, yarn, spun, handspun, hand, handmand, made
Alpaca Roving into Yarn

I don’t know who dyed this roving, or what little cleaning was done to this roving, the dye stained my hand, and it was so much garbage in this roving, that include poop. Setting the twist ,the water was really a muddy color, nasty.  

2nd Yarn Alpaca:

roving,alpaca, fleece, lazy kate, lazy, kate, yarn, spun, handspun, hand, handmand, made
Alpaca Roving into yarn

Had the same problem with this roving as well. 

Now after I had spun 8 spools, I was ready to ply. I did the long basket and Bamboo US 8 knitting needles method. That didn’t work. I had to add small weight balls,at the bottom of the basket, so it wood not move.

I was stash busting again in the roving, I finally broke down, and start searching for a Lazy Kate. The prices was to steep for me. I start searching for plans on the websites. Googling, Bing, Yahooing. Nothing! The closet I did come to, was plans on Ravelry, I did not have anything circular, it gave me an idea how to work with those plans.

I pulled out the calculator, and pencil, and note book, and start calculating the Lazy Kate. 

1. Measured the height of the bobbin.
2. Measured the widest width of the bobbin.
3. Determin how many bobbins that  I had wanted on the Lazy Kate.
4. Space them out enough so they would not touch.
5. Went to the basement and retrieved a scrap piece of 2×4, made sure there was clearance all around bobbins.
6.  Used a extremely long nail, put it through the bobbin, and then place the bobbin and the nail on to the wood and tap it with a hammer, so I could  measure out the distance between each bobbin hole.

I did not use Photoshop for this project, if I did the Lovely Girl would have never been made. I would have been trying to do something totally different. Pen and paper was quicker.

Once I did all that. I finally came up with all my cutting measurements. 

Here is the final product:

roving,alpaca, fleece, lazy kate, lazy, kate, yarn, spun, handspun, hand, handmand, made
Lovely Girl
This concludes part1: Making of Lovely Girl.

Part 2 will continue, this will give you the information of the:

1. Supplies.
2. The equipment for cutting.
3. Cutting measurement.

I went to Home Depot for the supplies, you can take the list to Home Depot or Lowes, and they will cut 2×4 piece  wood for you. 

In my house I am Miss Fixit. 

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you real soon.
Enjoy your day!



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