Who does not love a beautiful shawl handmade. For some reason or other I enjoy knitting a leaf pattern. I find that the leaf/leaves pattern are so interesting to make. 

Here is the shawl that I had knitted, it was one of my largest shawl project, I had ever done as a shawl. The pattern was extremely easy to follow.  It is a chart pattern.

Frozen Leaves:

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This shawl from wing tip to wing tip, is 114 inches and bottom 66. 

I had taken very good care in blocking this shawl.

 With this shawl I have learn so much,
even down to repairing a hole. Some how the yarn unraveled at the bottom

Here is a closeup giving you the view of the second yarn that is called Sexy:

I did a test sample of Frozen Leave and made a mini sample of the shawl. It was an instant gratification mini verison of this shawl.   It does fit around the neck. This piece can be worn around the neck, a splash of color under a blck coat on a cool day. 

Here is another view of the mini shawl:

Now to reveal the two yarns that I had used in Frozen Leaves Aka: Aunt Carie Way.

I had hand dyed this two skins of  yarn in 2010 during June. I remember it was a hot day.

Mr. Blue Sky was the main body of Aunt Carie Way:

Sexy was the bottom part of the shaw. 

If you have never made a shawl, and would like to start. Try a small sample of the pattern as I have done. This will give you instant gratification, this will make you want to continue to knit the shawl. My advise is learn to read chart if you don’t already know how to.  Reading chart’s and following a row covered with post it’s, magnetic strips on a cookie sheet. Reading chart is so much easier with a lace pattern, then a written pattern which can cause you:

1. Mistakes.
2. Blindness.
3. Migraines.
4. Cusing.
5. Making you think, only aliens from another planet only get it.
5. Hating the person who wrote it.
6. Assult on the needles and yarn by throwing it down.
7. Cusing.
8. Make you bypass all the beautiful patterns.
9. You miss out on a great opportunity. to try something different in 2013.
10. You stay stuck in the same you.
11. Cusing.
12. Aggravated.
13. Missing out on an opportunity to try out all the beautiful yarns.
14. Learning patience
15. Learning how to block
16. No math is involved, you don’t have to work out stitch per inch.
17. You can use any yarn weight.
18  Cusing.
19. Satisfying a curiosity.
20. Make something for yourself that’s gorgeous, and be selfish.

Here is a YouTube video to give you a start.



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