No Vogue Show For Me

Manhatten Skyline

No Vogue Show Knitting for me…..

I was going to go to Vogue Knitting in New York. Changed my mind at the last minute, not feeling up to the drive to the parents in the Bronx.

One day we will sit down together, and I will make you some homemade scones, and a nice cup of hot Jasmine tea with a touch fresh ginger condense milk, and I explain all my going on’s at this time. Which I will look back and think. “WoW” how angry was I when I started this blog.
These are footies/booties  I wish I would have taken a better picture then this. So I can show off the Dragon fly cable.  I love the footies I made, it’s from the toe up. However the yarn bleed. This is before I even hand washed them in Wool wash.  I can’t remember the artist who did this yarn, and she bragged about how wonderful her yarn was, how much it was. I felt insulted that she was hinting I couldn’t afford it.

Never put down anyone just because you feel that you have more then they do, or you think you are better them.  I purchase several of her yarns to prove a point to her. I wished I would have left that crap of her yarns in the booth, there was way prettier yarn then this artist had made.

Never judge a person, that person might be like Rockefeller, or someone of importance and did not want you to know who they were. Have you ever been in the presents of artists, entertainers, doctor’s, lawyers, accoutants, etc.  people that make over 6 figures a year, and you had no clue what they did by the way they dress, what they did for a living you see them in what they call relax for them. 

You know the old saying. “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover.”
I dress comfortable for me? Why would I carry my nice Coach bag to the Sheeps and Wool festival?  Really???!!! 

Here it is, I made this a 4 years ago.

Dragon Fly:

You thought I was going to do some my Little Pony Dragon fly song. Sorry my love, you have the wrong end of the stick.


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