All Things Fiber Related: Mixing Fibers in a Project

I finally accomplish something 20 days within the New Year getting this blog finally up and running. I don’t know why I was excited. I built my photography business website, and this was a template and some reason I was excited.

I will try to include spinning, knitting, crochet, how to clean crap from your fleece, how to card crap fleece, and how to know when to give up and know it’s crap fleece and throw it in the garbage.

Groove Baby Groove:

Groove Baby Groove

This pattern is by Stephen West, it was published in Knitty 2011. I thought no way am I going to knit this, to much garter and you got to be kidding me, the cables are a different color. This will not work. No way, in a million years.

The only thing that was a little confusing about the pattern was this:

Repeat last 8 rows 4 more times, then repeat Rows 1-3once more. There should be 11 CC stripes and 214 sts: 48 before first marker; 34 between the cables; 48 sts after the last marker.
It should have said:
Repeat rows 1-8, 4 times.
There should be:
11CC stripes which will give you 214 stitches.

48 stitches before the first marker.
Other then that it was a great pattern easy to understand.

Enjoy knitting the pattern, and I purchase 2 other of Stephen West pattern.

So I frogged the sweater, and 19 skins of that yearn over 4000 yards of that brown fingering. I have to find some way to get rid of it. I still have so much still left of those two yearns left over.
Berroco Ultra Alpaca Yarn worsted weight, is like Knit Picks sports weight.
I tried using the Berroco Ultra Alpaca in another project called the Maja. The yarn was far too thin. I was going ot make it work. You know when a yarn is call for a project. That definitely was not the yarn for Maja.  

To me Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn was very thin for a worsted. If Berroco sales this Ultra Alpaca in a natural cream color, I would purchase it, and dye it. I have not a clue for names or a song for it.

After you have completed rows 1-8, 4 times, then complete rows 1-3, 1 time.

48 Stitches Before the 1st marker

34 stitches between each cables.
48 Stitches after the last marker

I had purchase so much of that rust color Ultra Alpace yarn by Berroco , and that Brown 70% merino and 30% silk from Knit Picks. The brown yarn was for a test pattern on Ravelry, It was gorgeous if you’re a size 12 the biggest, and not breast.  When you’re Big Girl, and wear DDD/F’s then that sweater was not going to work. No the sweater was extremely to large.  How was I to know that garter stitch stretches like crazy mad. I’ll post images of my nightmare.

Many complements from so many people. Sorry I’m not that talented to make a curve. It is very warm. The brown yarn is the merino silk blend and fingering weight, I held two strands of the brown yarn together. It came out really nice. I even wore alone last Saturday when it went up to 61 degrees. I did add toggle buttons this aplet/shawl/not a scarf. I did order 2 of Stephen West patterns. Started on 1 of the patterns and have not picked it for a while. About 15 days. I promised myself, that I would complete a project before I start another one.  Right now I’ve been experimenting with the dye pot on small skins.

Brown yarn: 

80% Merino wool
20% Silk.

50% Wool
50% Alpaca


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