18 Days Into The New Year

18 days into the New Year…..  

Here is something to look at.I keep forgetting this is my blog, and I can express myself the way I would like to.Handspun yarn: This was my 1st handspun  3 years ago. I did not like the color. When I had set the twist, this had bleed muddy in the hot water. I never had my yarns ever to bleed on me after I rinse them at the dye is set. Said thing this was purchas at the Sheeps and Wool Festival in Maryland, can not remember the store I purchase it from.

The is a single ply. I still have it, have not knit anything at all, it is a fingering/sport weight yarn. It’s a enough to do color work with other yarn to make an item. I have not clue what I was to use it for.

What I was told that if the water comes up running and muddy I could have used vinegar to set the dye. Are F****G kidding. How is a person to know that people cheat, and try to make a quick turn on a buck on a person.  Will 2012 came around and I went to the Wool Festival pass by that same booth, kept going. 

I am going take some images of the batting I did get and the best booth to go to. He’s always sold out. Little Red Barn from Alabama. My father home state. He always have go stuff from batting to yarn. Him and his wife is always there. Same corner of the hanger (us Miltary folks call t that) He has a long extremely long line. I am going to bring my push cart this year that actually work, and get some sparkly stuff. Silk batten and some batten.


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