Window Seat ……

New Beginnings…..

Window Seat 

Was created by looking at the outside world, viewing the outside world without judgement, knowning that each individual is unique and different. No two people are the same. Not even twins.

Window Seat:

Window Seat Explained

I refuse to stay stuck. I stayed stuck for to many years, and not let my self grow, and a person, women, and artist. 
Window Seat was created last year 2012 for BabyGirl.  

This is a hand made ottoman, that I had made. It took me about a week with some mistakes along the way. BabyGirl didn’t care she made sure that with every chance she would get to sample out the project in progress she would lay inside the box area. The cushion has hinges on it, so it is a storage Ottoman.  Once I have stapled the covers and plastic on the cushion. She said “Mines.” And got up on the cushion, sampled it.  I had to get her some covers, and she fixed it to get the covers for her comfort.  BabyGirl made sure that no matter what I was making, she would lay down on it to make sure it was comfortable for her liking.

Window Seat was created by just that. Looking out the window when I’m studying.  Once in a while I do take a break go on Ravelry for patterns, and ideas, and I happen along with this video, which made me fall in love all over again.


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